Willpower and Judgement


Weak Willpower or Habitual Automaticity? | 360 Degrees of Mindful Living.

I found this article online. It speaks more about treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse but I would say that we are all addicted to something. Whether it’s healthy or not is another thing.

Some days I struggle with happiness. I go back to the same patterns of expecting people around me to make me happy and getting frustrated when they can’t hold up their end of the “bargain” I have made for them.

Happiness is always a choice. Sometimes I wallow in pity and can’t get out of a certain funk. Some days are harder than others. It’s more difficult on those days to choose to be happy. It seems almost reinforcing to remain unhappy.

None of this makes me a weak person. It means I am human and I don’t expect to be happy every moment of every day. For some it’s even harder than what I’ve described. That doesn’t make them weak.

Some people struggle with depression, substance abuse, etc. They are not weak-minded people. There are numerous reasons behind resorting to substances. There are many causes for depression. When we label a person as “weak” we are really only representing who we are.We don’t know each person’s circumstances and we don’t know the fight they are fighting.

Judgement and criticism are detrimental to our own happiness and to others’ happiness. Remember my post on altruism? Helping others in their happiness only boosts our own. We should always remain mindful in the way we perceive others. If we are thinking of someone negatively, try and switch it around. Imagine that the person you are thinking negatively about is trying to deal with their lives the best way they know how.

What are your thoughts on this article? Do you have a personal story to tell? Please share with us!


2 thoughts on “Willpower and Judgement

  1. I enjoyed this blog, your right it dosnt make you weak it makes you human to have gone through any kind of substance abuse, too often we will judge others without stopping to consider their situation nor remembering our own not so perfect histories.
    The term weak minded has never sat right in my thoughts as it takes someone with a very strong mind and will to recognize that they are abusing a substance or admit to themselves that they are addicted to anything that will make them feel better about themselves as a person for others to judge is not only negative, but it is hypocritical, and yes as you say detrimental. Mindfulness if something we humans forget too quickly until it is our own situations that we are facing and we feel that we are being judged by our peers, family or others in our communities.
    Negitive thoughts do cause a flow on effect, and they do tend to become a habit much like a substance abuse issue, where the substance we are abusing is the power of negativity that we are re enforcing as we allow it to consume our lives, it is much harder to think positive thoughts that will result in positive outcomes, than it is to pick up our chosen drug, or substance of negative, always thinking that the worst will happen or that we are not good enough, than to take a stand, and say I am responsible for my thoughts, and the outcomes of my actions, I am a good person, I do deserve to feel happy, I do look good today, I have made an effort, and I will go out of the house feeling that I can hold my head up, because I deserve it! however it is easier to revert back to, not bothering to brush our hair or teeth, to walk around in our pajamas all day, to not move off the couch and to not go out into the world, because that’s too hard.
    It’s easier to reinforce that we are not worthy we feel shit, we are shit, and therefore we continue on our cycle of negativity fueled by our selves.

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