Humankind. Be Both.

Today I saw a bumper sticker that I had never seen before. It said: “Humankind. Be Both”. It really got me thinking. I love watching Ellen and at the end of every show she reminds us to “be nice to one another”. Why do we need reminders? Why aren’t we just nice to each other?

We bully, gossip, start rumors, pick fights, call names… and for what? I know I’m not innocent of gossiping. I used to do it all the time when I worked at a grocery store. All of the coworkers I worked closely with were women and we would talk about customers or each other. It passed the time. That’s no excuse.

Some theories say that the reason we’re mean to each other is because we feel bad about ourselves in some way. We’re unhappy so we’re mean to others so that they’re unhappy or we talk badly about them so that we feel better about ourselves.

I read a book on how to increase my self-confidence and one of the things that it suggested was to try to view people as doing the best they can with what they have been given. It’s difficult to think that way and it was even harder not to get sucked into the gossip at work. I will say that I felt better about myself when I was trying not to think badly of others. If we think badly of ourselves and we try to think of others badly in order to make ourselves feel better, it’s only a temporary fix. From now on, think the best of others and see how it affects how you feel about yourself. Be Human. Be Kind. Be Both.

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