Bliss and Non-Judgment

I apologize for not posting as frequently. I’ve been living life and loving it!

This weekend I went to a music festival called Blissfest in Northern Michigan and it was totally and utterly relaxing. We sat on blankets and listened to good music from numerous artists during the day and donned glow-sticks and blinking rings and danced with abandon at night. It was amazing to see so many people feeling free to be themselves. No judgement is allowed at Blissfest. It was nice.

This causes me to consider why people can’t be like that all the time. At Blissfest, strangers walked up and said “happy bliss”, started up conversations, shared food, pumped water for each other, etc. I saw plenty of random acts of kindness everyday. I bought some stuffed cabbage from a polish vendor and I could only eat two of the three. An elderly lady asked if she could sit with us while we ate and I offered her the rest of my food, she told me that it worked out for her because she had been running low on money. I felt connected to the people around me at Blissfest.

Why do we judge each other? Why can’t we be ourselves? Why can’t we dance with abandon when we hear good music that we love? Yesterday I found myself dancing to music in the grocery store. Something that I rarely do because I’m afraid of being judged. I think more people could use a weekend full of non-judgement. It’s eye-opening.

Happy Bliss!

Photo credit: Michigan In Pictures


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