I haven’t been around in awhile but have decided that right now would be a good time to start blogging again. I recently got my MSW (Master of Social Work) and have started seeing clients! This is a big thing for me and it’s really amazing to be able to tell people I am a therapist. It feels good to be done with school and FINALLY doing what I love to do.

The one thing I find myself struggling with the most is the sense that I should be completely competent in what I’m doing. Like, after college, I should know everything. Because, well, I’m a therapist, what if I screw people up? I’ve really been having to practice some self-compassion and validating where I am at in my journey. There is not one person who knows it all and who has their life together completely. We are ALL doing the best we can with the hand that has been dealt to us. I have been fortunate enough to have been dealt a pretty good hand and I’ve taken advantage of it.

My fear is that my clients will see that I don’t have my life together and will think I can’t help them. I was recently asked, “how can you help a client who is struggling with the same stuff you are?” That got me thinking about how we are all imperfect regardless of the amount of training we’ve received. And, honestly, I’ve been discovering that helping those dealing with the same crap I’m dealing with is actually quite therapeutic for myself. Of course, I don’t make the session about myself and my clients by no means know that I’m dealing with that same issue, but giving a suggestion to try a certain activity is like a reminder that I should be doing the same thing.

Take home message: No one is perfect. Even those who have signed up to help others are imperfect. It’s part of the human condition to be as such and there’s nothing wrong with it. Practice some empathy for yourself, show yourself some compassion, take a look at the good things in your life, and move on to the next part of your day. It’s hard and takes a lot of practice but it’s SO worth it in the end.


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